Li Pai - Living among the green hills

The history of the Bracklo family is one of migration. From Westfalian origins to the Americas and Asia. Our family has been on the move since its recorded history began in 1277. Home has been defined in many ways over the generations, both in an acceptance of new previously foreign locations but also by being faithful to places that have given us a home in the past.


The authors of this website have an afinity to Chinese culture and therefore looked to one of Chinas ancient poets for some words to capture the essence of these ideas.


Li  Pai, also known as Li Po lived in the Tang period, from 701 to 762 AD. He was of a Szechuan Provincial family but born in the Central Asian town of Sujab. Disgusted with the growing corruption of the court at Changan he sought for the better way amongst the people, the mountains and the streams catching much of their spirit. It is thought that he wrote some 20.000 poems, only around 1,600 of which still survive. He had a particular appreciation of the grandeur of nature and maintained a sparse and natural style.



A man asked me why I lived in among the green hills and I just smiled with my heart completely at rest.


I see the peach blossom growing wild, petals falling into the water then floating away.


Yes, here by these hills I live, like no other place on earth.



Li Pai ca. 750 AD