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    Marcus Bracklo (Montag, 29 Mai 2017 16:56)

    Happy 10 year anniversary to Bracklo(w) homepage

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    Marcus Bracklo (Samstag, 02 Januar 2016 19:34)

    Happy New Year 2016



Best wishes for 2006 for all friends of the Bracklo family
Marcus Bracklo <>
Bad Soden, Germany - Sunday, January 01, 2006 at 01:35:40 (CET)



Congratulations for your webpage. Great picture of Moongate! A very Happy New Year to all of you from sunny Uruguay.
Ellen <>
Montevideo, URUGUAY - Monday, January 02, 2006 at 19:14:08 (CET)



Greetings to all the Bracklos from the Jacoby/Sterios family in Stamford!
Richard Jacoby <>
Stamford, CT USA - Monday, January 02, 2006 at 18:59:26 (CET)



Grüsse aus Berlin und alles Gute für 2006.
Aeneas Bracklo
Berlin, Germany - Tuesday, January 03, 2006 at 12:16:12 (CET)



Great to have a place for all the family History! Gruesse aus London
Coralie Bracklo <>
London, UK - Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 17:52:05 (CET)



Hola Marcos: Quien quiere la rosa, aunque se punce, no se enoja.
Dominique Esperanza Bracklo <>
München, Bayern Germany - Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 17:40:23 (CET)



Watching you too......


Aeneas Bracklo


Berlin, Germany, 27/11/2006 um 21:50



Hello, greets from Leipzig, Germany.


Marcus Bracklo


Leipzig, Germany, 25/11/2006 um 00:46



Greetings from Bavaria. Best wishes for the new year.


Claas Bracklo


Gräfelfing, Germany, 31/12/2006 um 13:25



Saludos de Argentina


Roberto Bracklo


Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, 11/02/2007 um 02:49



Good to see family from around the world.


Mike (Bracklo) Yilmaz


Detroit, Michigan, 15/03/2007 um 19:17



Greetings from NY.


Gerit (Brackow) Martino


Kingston, New York, USA, 27/06/2007 um 20:36



It's good to see that we're not alone, we're the only Brachlows in Canada, and they're all directly related. To come across this site is fascinating


 Erich Brachlow


Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 30/06/2007 um 20:47



Hello Bracklo family


Theodore Bracklo


Bad Soden, Deutschland, 29/07/2007 um 10:21



My father left me a book with my family history. The cover of the book has a picture that looks like your Bracklow coat of arms on your website. In my book or Stammbaum der Familie Bracklow, it appears to have the same history about the Bracklows of Brandenburg and I have a family tree that dates back to 1680. I have attached a couple of pages from this book that I would like to share with you that I wil send to


Daniel Liese


West Covina, California, USA,  19/11/2007 um 01:32



Ich bin eine geborene Bracklo, mein Vati war aus Norden, Ostfriesland. Ich interessiere mich für die Bracklos. Ich wohne im Land Brandenburg und hätte gern Kontakt zu Bracklos.


Ilona Hoffmeister


148223 Niemegk, Deutschland, 29/06/2008 um 00:30



Hello from New York!!


Christina Bracklow


Kingston, New York, 09/10/2008 um 04:21



A nice picture of the Braklo-Villa in Petkum near Emden:




Emden, Germany, 15/05/2009 um 23:10



Nice to see who is in our family


Philip Bracklo


Bad Soden, Deutschland, 14/02/2010 um 18:36



Ich grüße alle Bracklo´s!


 Monika Rowold (Bracklo)


Oldenburg, Deutschland 20/02/2010 um 16:20



Greetings from Balad, Iraq as all Bracklo's; I serve my country.


Mike (Bracklo) Yilmaz


Detroit, Michigan07/03/2010 um 16:39



GAVIOTA La gaviota abrio con destreza, con espuma, con estupor, dos direcciones peregrinas y asi se mantuvo en el cielo con dos alas, dos claridades, dos secretarias de la luz hasta que se volo, sin embargo, hacia el Este y hacia el Oeste, hacia el Norte y hacia la nieve, hacia la Luna y hacia el Sol. Pablo Neruda


Dominique Esperanza Bracklo


München, Deutschland, 31/12/2010 um 18:05



Bin auf der Suche nach einem Familienstammbaum auf diese sehr informative Seite gestoßen...




05/02/2012 um 15:31



Bin mit meiner Familie fleißig am Arbeiten, um den Stammbaum der Familie Bracklo zu vervollständigen. Schon erstaunlich, wie international verstreut "wir Bracklo`s" sind.


Elvira Neundorf (geb. Bracklo)


Niemegk, Deutschland, 18/04/2012 um 20:57



A man asked me why I lived in among the green hills and I just smiled with my heart completely at rest.


I see the peach blossom growing wild, petals falling into the water then floating away.


Yes, here by these hills I live, like no other place on earth.



Li Pai ca. 750 AD